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All the best heroes are ordinary people who make themselves extraordinary.

--Gerard Way

Mikey and Ray are totally boyfriends

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The song Iris by Goo Goo Dolls came on the radio today and sent me into such nostalgia. I remembered a really romantic part of my life, or at least romantic fic writing. I think I once tried to write a fic about Nick on CSI post-stalking to that song, with all the post-traumatic angst that went with it. It may have been with Greg or Grissom or Warrick. I miss those days when I could write so easily... Sigh...

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Hi everyone!

Sorry I haven't posted in awhile. Haven't been reading my friends page either. I do miss you all though, and hope the ficcing and everything else is going well. And yay same-sex marriage being legalized! :)

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Guitar strap bondage sex toy

This guitar strap bondage sex toy needs to be employed in fic, like, immediately


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Free IQ Test
Free IQ Test

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Writing troubles

I can't write by myself anymore. I haven't written anything by myself in over a year. I miss it. I miss having a story in my head and building it and writing it and feeling accomplished and proud of myself for finishing something. I've even asked for prompts, and that doesn't help. Every once in a while, I get a flash of inspiration, but by the time I open up a document to write in, I have nothing. Just... nothing. It's depressing.

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Oh hai Sherlock

So I just finished watching both series 1 and 2 of Sherlock on Netflix. I know a little about what happens in series 3, but I wanna *see* it for the slashy goodness. Not sure where or how I can do that, though.

And now I need some Sherlockian icons. Because what an awesome show :D I'm not a fan of Mycroft though...

Frank XFM fffffff...

Well then. I guess we have that answer.

You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!

You both like kink.

Stranger: heya, 30 m uk, you?

You: 31 f us

Stranger: name? looks?

You: casey. i'm fat but cute

Stranger: how fat?
Stranger: and what are your kinks?

You: how about your name and looks?

Stranger: Jo, tall, blond, athletic, blue eyes

You: i have a lot of kinks. i like sensation play

Stranger: ....
Stranger: and how fat are you?

You: are you looking for a number or what?
You: i could ask how athletic you are. or how blond you are. or how blue your eyes are...

Stranger: dress size? bra size?

You: lol
You: pretty sure you guys have different sizes in the uk

Stranger: give me us...

You: 22

Stranger: uck!!!

Stranger has disconnected.

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Mikey recording with New London Fire - b

Hey guys

Just wanted to say hi and let you all know I'm not dead XD

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Mikey/Ray Fandom Helps Auction Fic: Brothers and Boyfriends (In No Particular Order)

Title: Brothers and Boyfriends (In No Particular Order)
Authors: CaseyBenSullivan @ Dreamwidth, aka so_many_fandoms @ LJ
Pairing: Mikey/Ray
Rating: PG-13 for boner-related thoughts
POV: Mikey
Disclaimer: I do not own the boys of MCR. No profit is being made from this piece of fiction. This is purely for enjoyment and not intended to represent real life.
Summary: Mikey's sick of his brother stealing his best friend for makeout sessions. But maybe, just maybe, it will give him a chance to get to know his brother's friend Ray a little better. High school AU.
Author's Notes: For cee_m, whose bid won second place for my fic on her very own Fandom Helps Charity Auction community. Cee_m gave me a lot of ideas to brainstorm over, including awkward high school Mikey/Ray. I started out trying to write this to fit a fake boyfriends prompt, but it turned into something else. Enjoy!

Brothers and Boyfriends (In No Particular Order)

Also posted at:

allmikeyray on LJ
better-mcrslash on LJ
damnyouways on LJ
slashypunkboys on LJ

In the moderation queue at:

mychemicalslash on LJ
toro_thighs on LJ

Unfortunately, I was unable to find any recently-updated MCR slash or MCR fic communities on Dreamwidth. If you know of any, please let me know.

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Icon bases from Aquabats

Original screenshots from this post. Used with permission.

Below are simply icon bases - I've taken the original screencaps and made them into squares - 450x450, 300x300, etc. Some of the originals have multiple bases for different zooms and focuses. Feel free to use the bases as they are, or leave a comment if you have an idea for an icon using one of the bases. Enjoy!

01.icon base 21h53m17s208 px350 center02.icon base 21h53m17s208 px350 high center03.icon base 21h53m17s208 px350 high left04.icon base 21h53m17s208 px350 high right05.icon base 21h53m17s208 px450 center Read more...Collapse )

30.icon base 21h35m07s217 px200 center31.icon base 21h35m07s217 px200 high32.icon base 21h35m07s217 px200 low33.icon base 21h35m07s217 px250 center34.icon base 21h35m07s217 px250 high Read more...Collapse )

59.icon base h04m47s220 px45060.icon base h04m51s3 px45061.icon base h04m53s18 px45062.icon base h05m04s124 px37563.icon base h05m05s142 px400

64.icon base h06m42s77 px10065.icon base h06m42s77 px25066.icon base h06m42s77 px45067.icon base h07m33s82 px45068.icon base h07m55s40 px450 Read more...Collapse )

74.icon base h10m54s46 px400 high far left75.icon base h10m54s46 px400 high left76.icon base h10m54s46 px400 high right77.icon base h10m54s46 px400 high78.icon base h10m54s46 px400 low center Read more...Collapse )

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Kink Bingo 2013: Both cards

object penetrationhypnosis / mind controlritualanimal playsensory deprivation
genital torturepiercings / needleplayqueening / facesittingtentaclespower exchange
spanking / paddlingsuspensionwildcardnippleplay / tit tortureservice
painenemasteasingvoyeurismmummification / immobilization
orgasm denial / controluniforms / military kinkclass fantasiesshaving / depilationverbal humiliation

body inflationbondagecompetitionbloodplayheld down
medical kinkhypnosis / mind controlhistorical roleplayexposure / exhibitionismscars / scarification
piercings / needleplaybody alteration / injurywildcardconfined / cagedbites / bruises
verbal humiliationsubspace / headspaceropes / chainssuspensionenemas
virginity / celibacyguroauthority figuresnegotiationteasing

Question about using werewolf transformation
Question about teabagging

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Mine + Weekendgothgirl's Kink Bingo Card 2013

kink bingo card image cardset1-13.jpg || row 1: | body inflation | bondage | competition | bloodplay | held down || row 2: | medical kink | hypnosis / mind control | historical roleplay | exposure / exhibitionism | scars / scarification || row 3: | piercings / needleplay | body alteration / injury | wildcard (icon #13 contains: bondage, ropes / chains, situational humiliation, wet messy dirty) | confined / caged | bites / bruises || row 4: | verbal humiliation | subspace / headspace | ropes / chains | suspension | enemas || row 5: | virginity / celibacy | guro | authority figures | negotiation | teasing

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My Kink Bingo 2013 Card

kink bingo card image cardset1-9.jpg || row 1: | object penetration | hypnosis / mind control | ritual | animal play | sensory deprivation || row 2: | genital torture | piercings / needleplay | queening / facesitting | tentacles | power exchange || row 3: | spanking / paddling | suspension | wildcard (icon #26 contains: bondage, endurance, pain, ropes / chains) | nippleplay / tit torture | service || row 4: | pain | enemas | teasing | voyeurism | mummification / immobilization || row 5: | orgasm denial / control | uniforms / military kink | class fantasies | shaving / depilation | verbal humiliation

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Ways Gerard holding Mikey with skelet

Untitled Gerard/Mikey Work in Progress

Title: Untitled
Authors: so_many_fandoms and weekendgothgirl
Pairing: Gerard/Mikey
Rating: Mature
POV: alternating Gerard, Mikey
Disclaimer: I do not own the boys of MCR. No profit is being made from this piece of fiction. This is purely for enjoyment and not intended to represent real life.
Summary: When Mikey first realized his attraction to his older brother, he sublimated his desire into fantasies about Gerard taking him against his will. In those fantasies, he could have sex with Gerard without feeling guilty about wanting his own brother. Now he's an adult, and his fantasy has been discovered by the one person he most wanted to keep it from.
Universe-Specific: In this universe, Mikey and Gerard live together as lovers. Gerard is a comic artist who works from home, while Mikey is a talent agent who works outside of the home, but has an office next to Gerard's where he can handle business from home when necessary.

Readers, please be aware that this story contains semi-detailed descriptions of rape fantasies and frank discussions about the realities of carrying it out. Future chapters will include explicit scenes of consensual non-consent, or "rape play", scenes. If this makes you uncomfortable or may trigger you, please do not read.

This Chapter
Title: Discovery
Rating: mature/high teen
Summary: Now, as an adult living with Gerard as a lover, he has to decide how to respond when Gerard discovers his fantasy and confronts him about it - and offers to act it out with him. What follows is a conversation Mikey never thought he'd have to have.

Party Poison shirt by Gerard

Inactive community deletion

killjoy_rr is scheduled to be deleted in a few days if no new entries are posted.

I don't know if anyone is still interested in this comm, but if you are to the extent that you want to save it, just post to this community before May 19th.

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Eleventy billion articles I want to read, and stored here because eleventy billion tabs make my brow

Full subject was supposed to be: Eleventy billion articles I want to read, and stored here because eleventy billion tabs make my browser wicked slow and make me feel claustrophobic and overwhelmed, and probably won't read now because in a panic I stored them all here and closed as many tabs as I could bear to.

Read part of it
http://www.cracked.com/blog/4-situations-where-weve-all-agreed-to-act-like-dicks/ (just barely started reading it)

Didn't read it yet

Didn't click on yet (recommended)

Read it, liked it

Read it, thought it was okay


Open tabs 1/20 - 1/29

mikey the rainbow approvesMikey Manchester_02182011_92 holy armpit hairmikey Manchester_02182011_74Mikey Way Approves - auto colorformal mikey with tie iconnext album - love affairs and cradle robbingmikey art is the weapon and armpit hairgerard volunteers as tribute for mikey tumblr_mffpxoKV0E1rywxe0o1_500Mikey so pretty - oh and Gee tooways mikey rocking out gee yelling Paris_0312011_168ways mikey with glassesGee so fucking cute with red hair tumblr_m6hqh1snaW1qk6cugo1_500Sparkle like Bowie - pic from Nikkigerard as party poison is sexxxxaygerard lifting his hand up with a red white and blue wrist bandgerard two tone hair singing mic cord wrapped around his wristgerard yellow-haired in a hawaiian shirtGerard healthy weight dec-jan 2013gerard sexy pantsfrerard not fat tumblr_mgtgkv1rEH1qjnjxso1_500croquet tumblr_mc5l9bCZh51rxmy4so1_500frerard gif tumblr_lspqm390n61qeyi52o1_500frerard tumblr_mgy0t9TIh81qemcq6o1_500frerard gif tumblr_me9xyfZj5R1rlbi2go1_500frerard making doey eyes at each otherfrerard frank petting gee and gee looks scared lolFrank with his mouth open mmmFrank is fucking gorgeous - Mikey not so much hahamcr sweaty gerard with red sweaty raymikey and ray sexy in leather jacketsfrankenweenie gif tumblr_mgum2cO6wz1qe2ls5o1_500a device that simulates birth contractionsSPN collage from tumblr

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Kink Bingo 2012 links

Kink Bingo 2011 - 2 Amnesty Fics
Kink Bingo 2010 - 7 Amnesty Fics

Tag of interest - MCR Kink Bingo fics
Tag of interest - Supernatural Kink Bingo fics

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Kink bingo kink poll for hs!Mikey/college!Ray

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Poll #1892000 Kink bingo kink poll

Which of the following kinks would be best suited to the pairing of high school senior Mikey and college senior Ray?

Phonesex/epistolary (includes all dirty talk which requires technology for communication, and both characters not in the same room, including pen pals, IMs, emails, etc.)

Second favorite for this pairing:


View poll results

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Open tabs 1/22 - Links only - Pic upload not working :(

Supernatural - distraction

Frank's nose appreciation post

Gee Way and Lyn Z <3

Frerard over the years <3

Frank and Jamia <3

Gerard: You love us and we love you... and that's a language I can get.

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A couple of open tabs, and one closed box

See that smirky and suggestive look on my Bob icon? That's how I feel about the box that was left on my doorstep today.

The drama button - for all your unnecessary drama needs. WARNING - it's loud! And dramatic. Very, very dramatic.

YouTube vid - Frerard girlfriend!


Open tabs 1/18 - MCR, SPN, Superhero Hockey, and more!

mcr - no homo - cropped
btfln - gee and lyn - recognizebtfln - gerard - you fed me pizza off a sword last night
frerard - gif - another line without a hookmikey - looking down and sexy - Manchester_02182011_63
frerard - kiss onstagefrerard - gif - only one chance
spn - sam and deancomic book heroes playing hockey
Sonnet XVII by Pablo Neruda


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