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Icon bases from Aquabats

Original screenshots from this post. Used with permission.

Below are simply icon bases - I've taken the original screencaps and made them into squares - 450x450, 300x300, etc. Some of the originals have multiple bases for different zooms and focuses. Feel free to use the bases as they are, or leave a comment if you have an idea for an icon using one of the bases. Enjoy!

01.icon base 21h53m17s208 px350 center02.icon base 21h53m17s208 px350 high center03.icon base 21h53m17s208 px350 high left04.icon base 21h53m17s208 px350 high right05.icon base 21h53m17s208 px450 center
06.icon base 21h53m17s208 px450 left07.icon base 21h54m36s237 px200 high08.icon base 21h54m36s237 px20009.icon base 21h54m36s237 px250 high10.icon base 21h54m36s237 px250
11.icon base 21h54m36s237 px35012.icon base 21h54m42s57 px200 center13.icon base 21h54m42s57 px200 high14.icon base 21h54m42s57 px350 center15.icon base 21h54m42s57 px350 high
16.icon base 21h54m42s57 px350 low17.icon base 21h54m42s57 px45018.icon base 21h59m43s247 px15019.icon base 21h59m43s247 px250 center20.icon base 21h59m43s247 px250 high
21.icon base 21h59m43s247 px350 high22.icon base 21h59m43s247 px350 low23.icon base 21h59m43s247 px45024.icon base 21h59m47s34 px35025.icon base 21h59m47s34 px450
26.icon base h00m01s149 px300 center27.icon base h00m01s149 px300 high center28.icon base h00m01s149 px300 low center29.icon base h00m01s149 px450

30.icon base 21h35m07s217 px200 center31.icon base 21h35m07s217 px200 high32.icon base 21h35m07s217 px200 low33.icon base 21h35m07s217 px250 center34.icon base 21h35m07s217 px250 high
35.icon base 21h35m07s217 px250 low36.icon base 21h35m07s217 px300 high37.icon base 21h35m07s217 px300 low38.icon base 21h35m07s217 px350 high39.icon base 21h35m07s217 px350 low
40.icon base 21h35m07s217 px40041.icon base 21h35m07s217 px45042.icon base h01m25s241 px125 center43.icon base h01m25s241 px125 high center44.icon base h01m25s241 px125 high right
45.icon base h01m25s241 px20046.icon base h01m25s241 px35047.icon base h01m43s164 px250 center48.icon base h01m43s164 px250 high center49.icon base h01m43s164 px250 high left
50.icon base h01m43s164 px250 right51.icon base h01m43s164 px350 high52.icon base h01m43s164 px35053.icon base h01m43s164 px45054.icon base h03m01s177 px200
55.icon base h03m01s177 px350 high56.icon base h03m01s177 px35057.icon base h03m01s177 px45058.icon base h03m09s7 px200

59.icon base h04m47s220 px45060.icon base h04m51s3 px45061.icon base h04m53s18 px45062.icon base h05m04s124 px37563.icon base h05m05s142 px400

64.icon base h06m42s77 px10065.icon base h06m42s77 px25066.icon base h06m42s77 px45067.icon base h07m33s82 px45068.icon base h07m55s40 px450
69.icon base h08m25s87 px450 center70.icon base h08m25s87 px450 left71.icon base h08m30s143 px400 center72.icon base h08m30s143 px400 far left73.icon base h08m30s143 px400 left

74.icon base h10m54s46 px400 high far left75.icon base h10m54s46 px400 high left76.icon base h10m54s46 px400 high right77.icon base h10m54s46 px400 high78.icon base h10m54s46 px400 low center
79.icon base h10m54s46 px400 low left80.icon base h10m54s46 px400 low right81.icon base h11m04s137 px400 centered82.icon base h11m04s137 px400 right83.icon base h11m41s4 px400

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