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All the best heroes are ordinary people who make themselves extraordinary.

--Gerard Way

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Oh hai Sherlock

So I just finished watching both series 1 and 2 of Sherlock on Netflix. I know a little about what happens in series 3, but I wanna *see* it for the slashy goodness. Not sure where or how I can do that, though.

And now I need some Sherlockian icons. Because what an awesome show :D I'm not a fan of Mycroft though...

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S H E R L O C K! ! ! <3 <3 <3

You know how much I adore that show. Does that mean we can gossip about it and aww and ship them? But. Mycroft <3 I love him! You may warm to him in series 3 though ^.^

I have a few icons (both on LJ and saved) and http://sherlockicons.livejournal.com/

P.S Told you it was awesome :P

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